Get Involved

You can get involved in your community and your estuary when you volunteer with DNREC’s Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve (DNERR). The Reserve offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for adults and high school students throughout each year at each of its two locations.

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The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve needs volunteers of all ages and with a variety of backgrounds. Read about the volunteer offerings below and if you still don’t think you’ve found the right match for yourself, please contact the Reserve at 302-739-6377.

Volunteer Opportunities

Education Program Assistance

The reserve provides programs for all ages. We welcome support of various kinds, some requiring training for volunteers who are not familiar with the activities.

Contact: DNERR, 302-739-6377

Stewardship Program Assistance

The reserve offers stewardship project opportunities which can include anything from potting seedlings in our native plant nursery to planting trees as part of our restoration plans.

Contact: DNERR, 302-739-6377

Horseshoe Crab Spawning Survey

Each spring the reserve organizes a survey of this major ecological event along the beaches of the Delaware Bay.

Contact: DNERR Survey Coordinators