Asbestos in Structures Intended for Training

Any structure intended to be used for firefighter training must first be inspected for asbestos. If any asbestos-containing materials are found, they must be removed prior to any activity which may damage the structure, including tearing, cutting, chopping, breaking, burning, etc.

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After a fire company has informed the property owner of their interest in training on a structure, the property owner must ensure that a thorough asbestos inspection has been conducted by a Delaware licensed professional service firm (asbestos inspector) in accordance with both state and federal law. The asbestos inspector will issue a report to the homeowner on their findings.

Following the initial inspection, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 3 (Philadelphia) office must be notified of the results of the asbestos inspection, regardless of whether or not any asbestos containing material is found.

Please contact the Division of Air Quality for assistance in completing the notification and for mailing instructions. If multiple structures will be used for training, a separate notification must be submitted via the DNREC ePermitting system for each structure.

There is a 10-business day waiting period from when the USEPA receives the notification to when any damage may be conducted on the structure, including asbestos removal or firefighter training.

After the 10-day notification period has expired, if any asbestos-containing material is present, the property owner must ensure it is removed prior to the fire company submitting their application to DNREC’s Division of Air Quality. Removal of the asbestos-containing material must be done by a Delaware licensed asbestos abatement contractor. (NOTE: The regulation allowing for the removal of asbestos-containing material from a residence by the live-in homeowner does not apply to structures designated for demolition via firefighting instruction.)

Once the Delaware licensed asbestos abatement contractor has completed their work, an abatement report will be generated and given to the homeowner. The property shall then be re-inspected by a Delaware licensed professional service firm in order to confirm that ALL asbestos-containing material has been removed, and a final inspection report will be generated.

Copies of the initial asbestos inspection report, notification and, if applicable, the report outlining all abatement activities, the waste manifest, and the final asbestos inspection report should all be emailed, faxed, or mailed to DNREC’s Division of Air Quality at:

Division of Air Quality
Attn. Open Burning
State Street Commons
100 W. Water Street, Suite 6A
Dover, DE 19904
Fax: 302-739-3106