Underground Storage Tank Fees

Fees for registration and permits related to underground storage tanks are set in Delaware State Code and in DNREC regulations and can be paid online.

Registration Fees

Underground storage tank (UST) owners/operators must pay an annual registration fee of $50 per tank on or before February 1 of each calendar year. A $30 per tank late fee is assessed after that date. (7 Del. Code, § 7418)

The underground storage tank is subject to payment of the annual registration fee until it is properly removed or closed in place according to the underground storage tanks regulations.

Vapor Recovery Fees

Owners/operators of underground storage tanks constructing vapor recovery systems are required to pay a onetime construction permit fee of $120. Once the system is in place, they are required to pay an annual operating permit fee of $75.


Invoices are sent to owners and operators of regulated underground storage tank systems each year in December. They include both Tank Registration and Vapor Recovery Operating Permit Fees. Facility owners who have not received an invoice by the end of the calendar year should contact the Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances. Late payments are subject to a $30 late fee.

If a facility is sold or there is a change in the billing address, please notify the Division.

Unregistered Underground Storage Tanks

The Department bills owners for past due tank fees applied back to 1988 (1989 for heating fuel USTs) or for the years the underground storage tank was in possession of the current property owner. This usually applies to previously unregistered/unknown underground storage tanks that are registered with the Department upon discovery. If you are unsure about the status of a particular tank, please contact the Division at 302-395-2500 to see if it is regulated and must be registered.

In cases of documented hardship payment schedules can be established.

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