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Protecting the health and safety of Delaware residents and visitors is a primary goal of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).

The Department works to protect the public from accidental releases of contaminants, from the affects of long-term pollution and from potential hazardous practices by industrial and other actors. DNREC monitors air and water quality, mosquitoes, and the potential for disease vectors to threaten the health of the public. And DNREC works to ensure that we can get out into Delaware’s natural areas and hunt, fish, hike, bike, swim and enjoy other outdoor recreation activities in safety.

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Get Help or Report Problems

There are several ways you can call for help from the Department, or report problems. Remember that, in an emergency situation, your first call should be to 911.

Download the DENRP Tip411 App, a smartphone app that provides an easy way to report environmental crimes and concerns

Use the 24-Hour Environmental Complaint and Spill Notification Line — 800-662-8802 — to report spills, releases or other urgent problems

For information on emergency response to environmental spills and problems, contact the Emergency Response and Strategic Services Section: 302-739-9404

To make illegal hunting and fishing complaints, contact the Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police at 800-523-3336 or contact Operation GameTheft: 800-292-3030

To report problems in a state park, contact the Park Rangers through the park office or nature center at any of Delaware’s state parks.

DNREC Law Enforcement

The Department has three different law enforcement arms that work together to help keep Delawareans safe. Each focuses on a different area of environmental law and public safety, but all share a dedication to serving the public.

The DNREC Environmental Crimes Unit

The Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Delaware State Park Rangers

Dealing with Hazards

DNREC helps communities and industry work to avoid problems with hazardous substances through efforts such as those led by the Emergency Response and Strategic Services Section, which oversees the Accidental Release Prevention Program and community-level emergency planning efforts. Emergency response teams are ready to respond to any accidents and coordinate with other state and local emergency response groups through the State Emergency Response Commission. And when it’s time to clean things up, the Remediation Section leads efforts re rehabilitate contaminated areas. Other related links:

The Delaware Environmental Release Notification System (DERNS)

The Delaware Toxics Release Inventory

The Community Involvement Advisory Council (CIAC)

Annual reports from the State Emergency Response Commission

The Delaware Boiler Safety Program

Delaware’s Environmental Laboratory

Protecting Public Health

DNREC works with the Division of Public Health and others to protect the public from health threats that include mosquito-borne diseases, infectious wastes, contaminants found in the fish that we eat, and more. DNREC monitors air quality at testing sites throughout the state and provides regular air quality forecasts. And the state monitors and reports on water quality at recreational areas. Other related links:

The Delaware Mosquito Control Section

Mosquito Control Section Spray Zone Map

Annual Air Quality Reports

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Important Phone Numbers

For information about the Environmental Crimes Unit and environmental law enforcement, contact the Office of Community Services: 302-739-9959

For information about response to spills and other emergencies, contact the Emergency Response and Strategic Services Section: 302-739-9404

For information about restoring polluted lands, contact the Remediation Section: 302-395-2600

For information about waste management, contact the Compliance and Permitting Section: 302-739-9403

For information about underground and above-ground storage tanks and boiler safety, contact Tanks Compliance: 302-395-2500

For information about the over-all management of water resources in Delaware, contact the Division of Water: 302-739-9949

For information about air pollution and its effects, contact the Division of Air Quality: 302-739-9402

Public Meetings

Meetings of the Division of Air Quality

Meetings of the Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances

Meetings of the Office of Community Services


Emergency Prevention and Response (7 DE Admin. Code 1200)

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Reporting Requirements (16 Del.C. Chapter 63)

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (7 DE Admin. Code 1300)

Regulations Governing Hazardous Substance Cleanup (7 DE Admin. Code 1375)

Tanks Compliance and Boiler Safety (7 DE Admin. Code 1300)

Air Regulations (7 DE Admin. Code 1100)

Surface Water Discharges Section (7 DE Admin. Code 7200)

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