Plan Review, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Resources

The following are resources from the DNREC Sediment and Stormwater Program for sediment and stormwater plan reviews, engineering design, construction activities and maintenance of best management practices.

Compliance Flow Charts

Resource Protection Event (RPv) Compliance Flow Chart

Redevelopment RPv Compliance Flow Chart

Conveyance Event (Cv) Compliance Flow Chart

Flooding Event (Fv) Compliance Flow Chart

Step 1: Stormwater Assessment Study (SAS) Checklist

Step 2: Preliminary Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan Review Checklist

Step 3: Sediment and Stormwater Plan Review Checklist

Step 2/3: Sediment and Stormwater Plan Review Checklist

Soil Investigation Report Submittal Checklist

All plans submitted to the DNREC Sediment and Stormwater Program for review or approval must be submitted by email to This includes all Stormwater Assessment Studies, Step 2, Step 3, Step 2/3 and PCVD submittals. Acknowledgement of receipt of plan submittals will be provided by email within 2 business days. If email acknowledgment is not received, please contact the office at 302-608-5458. Any submittals emailed directly to a DNREC staff member will receive a response requesting that the submittal be directed to Paper submittals are not required unless specifically requested by DNREC staff.