Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan – Phase III

There have been three phases of Delaware’s Chesapeake Bay WIP. Delaware developed its Phase I WIP in 2010 and its Phase II WIP in 2012. Both the Phase I and Phase II WIPs describe actions and controls to be implemented by 2017 and 2025 to achieve applicable water quality standards. The Phase III WIP provides information on actions Delaware intends to implement between 2019 and 2025 to meet the Bay restoration goals.

On April 12, 2019, Delaware submitted a draft version of the Phase III WIP to EPA and posted it on DNREC’s website. Delaware solicited public comments from April 12 through June 7, with comments submitted via electronic form, email, and the United States Postal Service. Delaware has consolidated every comment received in Appendix J, along with a response.

The updated version of the Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan was submitted to the EPA and posted onto DNREC’s website for final review on Aug. 23, 2019.

Phase III Planning Expectations and Planning

Phase III WIP Fact Sheet

Guide to Best Management Practices (BMP’s)

Timeline for WIP Development

U.S.EPA Final Expectations for the Phase III WIP

Phase III WIP History

U.S.EPA Final Expectations for the Phase III WIP Summary

Local Government Engagement Fact Sheet

Healthy Watersheds Fact Sheet

Modeling the Chesapeake Bay

Phase 6 Modeling Tools

Delaware’s Agricultural Progress

Phase III Deadlines and Deliverables

Deadline Deliverable
Jan. 1, 2017  EPA releases draft expectations for Phase III WIP
Dec. 2017  Final Calibration of Watershed Model
March 1, 2017  Local Area Targets Recommendations
Summer, 2017  Partnership fatal flaw review of Phase VI Watershed Model
June 2017  Release of final Phase VI Model
Dec. 2017  EPA releases draft Phase III Planning Targets
June 2018  EPA Finalizes Phase III WIP Expectations
July 9, 2018  The Principal’s Staff Committee (PSC) Finalizes Phase III WIP Planning Targets
July 2018  The Midpoint Assessment Completed
Dec. 2018 Jurisdictions report annual BMP progress; Verification Programs in place
April 12, 2019 Draft Phase III WIPs are due to the EPA and are posted on jurisdictions’ websites for public review
June 7, 2019 Public review of Phase III WIP due
June 21, 2019 EPA Comments posted on jurisdictions’ websites
Aug. 23, 2019 Final draft of Phase III WIPs are due to the EPA and are posted on jurisdictions’ websites