Design a Sign, Protect a Dune

You’ve helped us design signs that will help beach-goers remember to stay off the dunes.

Thank You!

Delaware’s Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay Coastal Dunes are vital in our defense against coastal storms. Dunes are also important natural habitats for plants and animals. If dunes are going to be strong enough to protect us, we need to protect them. Staying off of dunes along the coastline is an important way to do so.

We Held a Contest

Over the summer of 2019, the Shoreline and Waterway Management Section held a “Keep Off the Dunes” sign contest, which invited the public to submit eye-catching and effective original artwork and messaging to remind beachgoers of the importance of protecting Delaware’s vibrant but fragile dune system. Thirty six entries were judged by Section staff, in three categories: Kids, Teens, and Adults.

First, second, and third place winners were selected in each category.

Adult Category

First Place, Angela R. Mitchell
(Chesapeake Beach, MD)

Adult Category, 1st place, Angela R. Mitchell

Second Place, Jane Mruk

Adult Category, 2nd place, Jane Mruk

Third Place, Gregory Young

Adult Category, 3rd place, Gregory Young

Teen Category

First Place, Amanda Silar
(Sussex Technical High School)

Second Place, Ally Collier
(Sussex Technical High School)

Teen Category, 2nd place, Ally Collier

Third Place, Nadjina Bogle
(Sussex Technical High School)

Kids Category

First Place, Lily Reed

Kids Category, 1st place, Lily Reed

Second Place, Ava Shilling
(Hereford, MD)

Kids Category, 2nd place, Ava Shilling

Third Place, Sydney Penttinen
(Hereford, MD)

Kids Category, 3rd place, Sydney P

Winning entries were displayed at the University of Delaware’s 2019 Coast Day, on October 6, in Lewes. The winning artwork may be reproduced as signs and placed near dunes along Delaware’s coastline.

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