Residential Services

The Residential Services Section serves property owners and their selected contractors and appointed agents. The scope of services includes drinking water wells, septic systems and other residential activities that affect water resources in the ground.

Wastewater Disposal

The Wastewater Disposal Program oversees all aspects of the siting, design and installation of onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems (known as septic systems).

Water Supply

The Water Supply Program issues water well construction and use permits for non-industrial wells. It inspects wells and maintains data on the construction and status of all permitted wells.

Innovative/Alternative Systems

Where site constraints limit the ability to install conventional wastewater systems, the Department may approve innovative or alternative systems that provide at least an equivalent level of treatment as the conventional systems used in Delaware.

Private Water Wells

All well installation in Delaware must be performed by a licensed water well contractor. DNREC offers 10 tips for protecting and maintaining wells in English and en Español. The Dept. of Health and Social Services offers additional information for private well owners.

Section Leadership

Residential Services Section Manager
Scott Eichholz

Water Supply/Private Water Wells
Alan Pongratz

Innovative and Alternative Systems
Jason Baumgartner

Wastewater Disposal/Septic Systems

Anthony Konrad

James Powell

Wastewater Disposal

New Castle and Kent Counties
– 302-739-9947
Sussex County
– 302-856-4561

Well and Water Supply

Well Permits
– 302-739-9944
DHSS Office of Drinking Water
– 302-741-8630