Data Coordination

The Resource Evaluation and Protection program provides data support to Division of Water programs, interagency partners and the public.

The Environmental Quality Information System (EQuIS)

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) maintains an EQuIS™ database, from EarthSoft® Inc., to store and analyze both field and laboratory data about facilities/sites that are the subject of regulatory, remediation, or other management efforts of the Department.

Division of Water EQuIS system content is supported by the Resource Protection Section. The EQuIS system is used to manage water quality data collected by or submitted to the Division of Water.

Subscribers report data electronically to the Department using Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) through the EQuIS System. Subscriber updates EQuIS Documents and References.

Data Management and Analysis

The Data Coordination group provides data management and analysis to support the work of the Division. The group provides geospatial data support to Division programs, interagency partners and the public.

Services include data acquisition, analysis, coordination of data updates, map layer development, field application development and program-specific basemap development.

The group facilitates access to a comprehensive repository of commonly-used, water resources related geospatial data layers provided by Delaware’s Open Data Portal and the FirstMap Open Geospatial Data system.

Geospatial Data Systems Support

The Program supports ongoing work and project initiatives that use Geospatial Data Systems. Location data is gathered through field work and the use of available sources. These attributes are then used in predictive modeling and the identification of relationships between places and conditions.

The Program makes use of FirstMap, Delaware’s enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). FirstMap is a platform for sharing GIS data among state organizations, academia, local government and the general public. More than 200 layers of information are available for download, including data layers, imagery, and documents.

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