The DNREC Well Viewer

The DNREC Well Viewer is a map-based tool to help well drillers and homeowners explore data about well locations. Use the application to choose where to place a well or to learn about an existing well.

Use the Well Viewer to find information about DNREC permits and remediation projects near a well. Search by well permit number, by address or by parcel number.

Data in the Well Viewer comes from the state’s online mapping system, FirstMap, and from the Delaware River Basin Commission. This includes water service areas, groundwater protection areas, potential sources of contamination and existing non-public wells.

Find more information about the data in the Well Viewer, and how to use it to check your proposed well location, in the Getting Started Guide.

Contamination Reviews

All proposed well locations are checked for possible contamination issues as part of the state’s well permitting process. The state flags wells for a contamination review if there is a potential source of contamination within 1,000 feet of the proposed location.

If a potential risk of contamination is indicated, the application goes through a more detailed review by a DNREC hydrologist. The hydrologist reviews the proposed well location and all available data about the site and its surroundings to make a recommendation to the applicant. 

The State does not disclose location information for public drinking water wells.

Available Data

Datasets found in the Well Viewer provide location information and details for a number of water supply and potential groundwater contamination factors. They include:

  • Existing Wells (non-public water supply)
  • Water Service Areas
  • Wellhead Protection Areas
  • The Saltwater Tidal Buffer
  • Spray Irrigation and Land Application Sites
  • Groundwater Management Zones
  • Brownfields
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Site Remediation Projects
  • Flood Maps
  • Drainage Systems

The Getting Started Guide includes a full list of datasets with basic data definitions.