Protecting Our Waterways

There are many things each of us can do to help reduce nutrient and sediment pollution entering Delaware’s waterways.

Our efforts will not only help protect the environment, but in many cases, when you lend a hand to protect our waterways, you will also find that you’re adding beauty to your yard, saving energy, cutting landscape maintenance costs, and boosting property values.

Below you can find a list of publications and videos that will explain why it’s important to protect our waterways, and how you can help.

Brochures and Pamphlets

How to build a rain barrel

Rain Gardens

Septic System Loans

Delaware’s role in Cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay

Total Maximum Daily Loads

Delaware Livable Lawns

Managing your lawn

Fertilize in fall… feed the roots for spring

Lawn fertilizing isn’t a spring thing

Nanticoke Watershed Homeowner Tips

Congregations Caring for Our and Waters

Información relacionada disponible en español

Lo que usted puede hacer para combatir la contaminación por nutrients

Información sobre el cuidado adecuado del césped

Pesca, Comparte y Prepara tu Pescado Responsablemente


Mr. Raindrop: Journey of a raindrop from neighborhoods to waterways

Septics 101: Septic system evolution and their affects on water quality

Water Quality Monitoring on the Nanticoke: New monitoring technology

Monitoring the Murderkill: New Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)

Science at Your Door

Explore the Nanticoke

Roads to Rivers

Certified Wildlife Habitats

Schoolyard Habitats