Industrial Stormwater Runoff

The Industrial Storm Water Permitting Program is designed to prevent the contamination of storm water runoff from a facility by properly handling and storing materials.

Regulated facilities can obtain permit coverage by submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) Form or a “No Exposure” Certification Form, or apply for an individual permit.

Acceptance of the NOI Form covers a facility under Section 9.0 of the Regulations Governing the Control of Water Pollution (General Permit Program) and requires a facility to comply with all requirements outlined within the regulations.

Acceptance of the “No Exposure” form covers a facility under the regulations, but waives a facility from complying with the Monitoring and Storm Water Plan Requirements of the regulations. “No Exposure” means that all industrial materials and activities are protected by storm resistant shelter to prevent exposure to rain, snow, snowmelt and/or runoff.


Notice of Intent Application Form

No Exposure Application Form

Notice of Termination


Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code

North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code

Best Management Practices

Water Priority Chemicals

Minimum Required Best Management Practices

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Template (SPPP)

EPA Industrial Factsheets, by Sector