Water Well Licenses

All water well contractors, pump installer contractors, well drillers, well drivers and pump installers in Delaware must be properly licensed by DNREC through the Delaware Water Well Licensing Board.

The licensing program is managed under Delaware’s Regulations for Licensing Water Well Contractors, Pump Installer Contractors, Well Drillers, Well Drivers, and Pump Installers (7 DE Admin. Code 7302).

Applications for licenses can be submitted using the Digital DNREC ePermitting system.

The ePermitting system offers online applications for licenses and permits throughout the department. It allows users to manage their own portfolio of licenses and permits.

Those unable to take advantage of the Digital DNREC ePermitting system can contact the Division of Water at 302-739-9116.

Applications must be submitted with two professional reference forms.

Continuing Education

All individual licenses are issued for a maximum of one year; they all expire on Dec. 31. To renew their licenses, well drillers, well drivers and pump installers must provide proof of approved continuing education.

Minimum Continuing Education Hours Required for Renewal
Months Licensed Well Driller
(General and Geotechnical)
Well Driller
Pump Installer
Less than 1 0 0 0
Between 1 and 3 0 0 0
Between 3 and 6 2 1 1
Between 6 and 12 4 2 2