Well and Water Use Permit Data

The DNREC Division of Water maintains a database of water well and water use data derived from permit applications, reports from permit holders and well completion and abandonment reports. Data are available for use by the regulated community, intergovernmental partners and the public.

A full listing of past, present and pending well permits is available via the Delaware Open Data Portal. The division maintains records for the nearly 200,000 well permits issued since the program began.

The division collects, manages and evaluates permitting and water use data for more than 500 public, industrial, and irrigation systems throughout the state.

A detailed dataset of recent water use and water level data for all Public Water Systems in Delaware is available in an online data report.

Water Use and Water Level Data Tool

The Division of Water has developed a tool to provide more comprehensive reporting of water use data to interagency partners, such as the USGS, and to the public.

The Water Use and Water Level Data tool combines well construction permitting records with water allocation permitting records into a single application.

The application has data from 114 Public Water Systems and over 18,000 individual records reported to the Department between the start of 2018 and the end of 2021.

Data for years prior to 2018, and data collected since 2021 will be added after reviews, quality checks and corrections.

The application combines a number of interactive data visualizations tools for the multiple data sources to create a picture of water resource usage across the State. The data can be filtered by facility name and water source, and by reporting month or year. Users can search for data by DNREC permit ID or facility name.