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Comment Form: Wildlife Area Land Replacement

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife is asking for public comment on an Environmental Assessment of a proposal to replace a 23-acre portion of the Honig parcel in the Little Creek Wildlife Area with a 30-acre portion of the Vines parcel at Eagles Nest Wildlife Area to meet the purposes of a federal grant used to

Waterway Section Comment Form

This form is for comments on projects undertaken by the DNREC Waterway Management Section. Please include your name and contact information and select the project you are commenting on from the dropdown menu. Your Name

Are You a Solution Provider?

The DNREC Recycling Program offers the Recyclopedia search tool to help consumers find ways to properly dispose of things. The team is always looking for new solutions for recycling and disposing of items. If you offer a solution that might help, the team wants to hear from you. Use the form below to provide

Reporting Tick Interactions

Knowing what species of tick has attached to you, a family member, or a pet will help determine whether you may be at risk for a tick-borne disease.
Note: The state of Delaware does not provide tick pathogen testing services.
Ticks can carry disease and

Volunteer With the Piping Plover Program

To ensure continued breeding success, the DNREC Piping Plover Program depends on volunteers to help inform the public about the breeding progress of the plovers and the importance of staying out of closed areas.

Contact Us

Shorebird Project Staff 302-735-3600

Volunteer With the Delaware Kestrel Partnership

The kestrel monitoring program relies on community scientist volunteers who dedicate time from March through July each year to help monitor kestrel boxes across the state. This page provides information on the volunteer program and a form to register to join the effort.
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Shorebird Volunteer Form

This page is a volunteer registration form for those interested in volunteering to help with the spring field season of the Delaware Shorebird Project. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer with the Shorebird Project. Commitment Volunteers should plan on committing to

Operation Game Theft Report Form

Use this form to report wildlife crime through DNREC’s Operation Game Theft. Information supplied in this form is strictly confidential and will not be released to the public. Use this form to report a crime that is not in progress. If you need to report a wildlife crime in progress,

Nature Photo Contest Entry and Release Form

This page includes the Official Rules and an online Entry and Release Form for the DNREC Aquatic Resources Education Center Nature Photography contest. Official Rules Deadline for Entry The photo submission and the completed Entry and Release Form(s) must be submitted by Thursday, Sept. 29, 2023 at 4 p.m.

Eco-Explorers Virtual Field Trip Registration

This form is for teachers and homeschool groups to register for an Eco-Explorers virtual field trip with the Aquatic Resources Education Center. There is no charge for the field trip but please register if you plan to use the virtual field trip material. This will help us provide additional programs in the future.

Public Hearing Comment Registration

Those wishing to offer verbal comments during DNREC virtual public hearings must pre-register using the form below.

Contact Us

Office of the Secretary 302-739-9001
In order treat everyone equally and impartially at all DNREC public

Have You Seen Me?

We are mapping sightings of Delmarva fox squirrels and you can help. Use this form to report sightings and share information about this rare species. The Delmarva fox squirrel is no longer classified as an endangered or threatened species at the federal level. But it is still rare in Delaware. We are mapping the

Live Release Entry Form

The Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament includes awards for catching and releasing eligible species. The Live Release Award is open to both adult and youth anglers.
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  • Public Hearing Comment Form

    This form is for submitting comments to the DNREC Hearing Officers on matters that are subjects of formal public hearings. Comments will only be accepted while the public comment period is open. Each comment should include the docket number used to identify the matter. The docket number is listed on each