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Public Hearing: Shellfish Aquaculture Regulations

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife will hold a public hearing on Sept. 27 on proposed amendments to the Shellfish Aquaculture regulations.

Vibrio Control Plans

Vibrio is a naturally occurring bacteria present in high levels in seawater when temperatures are warm. It can cause serious illness in humans. The National Shellfish Sanitation Program requires Delaware to implement plans to reduce the risk of Vibrio illnesses from oysters harvested in Delaware. Vibrio — Vibrio parahaemolyticus (V.p.) — can

Availability of Delaware Bay Shellfish Grounds for Leasing

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife is accepting applications for leases of shellfish grounds within the defined boundaries of the shellfish growing area of the Delaware Bay that are not already under lease.

Promoting Shellfish Safety

To ensure the safety of Delaware’s shellfish growing areas, it is important that residents and visitors help maintain good water quality and limit pollution while recreating in or near shellfish growing areas.

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Michael Bott Environmental Scientist

Shellfish Plant Inspections

Plant inspections of all shellfish shippers and processors are conducted routinely by certified Shellfish Program staff to ensure compliance with national food safety regulations and those specific to the shellfish industry.

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Andrew Bell Environmental Scientist 302-739-9939

Delaware Shellfish Program

The DNREC Shellfish Program is responsible for protecting public health by minimizing the risk of food borne illness due to the consumption of shellfish.
Growing Waters Michael Bott Environmental Scientist 302-739-9939 Plant Inspections

Scientific Collection Permits

The Division of Fish and Wildlife issues permits to collect protected wildlife, finfish, shellfish or their nests or eggs for scientific, education or propagating purposes. Permits are issued for up to one year and may require review and approval from a relevant taxa project leader.

Shellfish Aquaculture

The Division of Fish and Wildlife makes acreage in the Inland Bays available for leases for shellfish aquaculture.

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Zina Hense Environmental Scientist 302-739-4782
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Advisory Council on Shell Fisheries

The Advisory Council on Shell Fisheries was created in 1953 and serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Fish and Wildlife. It considers matters relating to the control and direction of the shellfish industry and the protection, conservation and propagation of shellfish of this State, and such matters as may be referred to

Availability of Delaware Bay Shellfish Grounds for Leasing

Division of Fish & Wildlife is informing interested parties that shellfish grounds are available for lease, located in the Delaware Bay, south of the East Line and North of the Murderkill River.

Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to 7 DE Admin. Code 3700 – Shellfish

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has proposed amendments to Delaware’s shellfish regulations to add Jonah Crab and to make changes to the Lobster fishing regulations.