Proposed Offshore Wind Cable Landing at Delaware Seashore State Park

DNREC’s Division of Parks and Recreation is working with park visitors and residents of coastal Sussex County to plan for potential recreational impacts of a proposal to bring power lines from an offshore wind project ashore at 3Rs Beach in Delaware Seashore State Park.

Public Meetings
March 12, 2024

The public planning process is focused on the impact on recreational activities at the park and, specifically, the parking lot where construction is anticipated, if the project is approved and power lines come ashore at the park. This process includes public meetings, informational posters and a survey of public opinion (open through March 26, 2024).

US Wind is going through a federal permitting process (separate from any state process) seeking approval for two projects, MarWin and Momentum Wind, that would entail the installation of up to 121 turbines off the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. In December 2023, Gov. John Carney announced the start of formal negotiations with US Wind for the potential lease of state land at 3Rs Beach to deliver power from the turbines to the regional electrical grid.

A poster welcoming people to an open house focused on the 3 Rs beach access area in Delaware Seashore State Park.

DNREC Secretary Shawn M. Garvin has said the Department is committed to engaging the public to the greatest extent possible throughout the project’s development.

Informational Posters

DNREC has prepared a set of informational posters showing the existing parking area that potentially could be impacted, in-ground infrastructure, impact during construction, the proposed construction area and any anticipated restrictions on recreational access during the construction period.

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