Delaware Open Space Council

The Delaware Open Space Council was created in 1990, with the passage of the Delaware Land Protection Act (7 Del. C. Chapter 75), to advise the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control on all matters relating to the administration, implementation, and financing of the Open Space Program.

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Kerri Batrowny
Division of Parks and Recreation

The Open Space Council holds public meetings four times a year to review properties for consideration for acquisition and recommend specific land purchases. The council coordinates with other conservation groups and with local governments to work to permanently preserve lands for all residents and visitors to enjoy.

The Council helps develop and approve plans, guidelines and processes to guide preservation efforts.

Public Meetings

Council meetings, including agendas and minutes, are posted on the DNREC Calendar of Events and on the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar.

Council Members

The Open Space Council is made up of a diverse group of people from throughout the state who have been active in or have shown an interest in preserving open space (7 Del. Code § 7505). Members are appointed by the Governor and by the leaders of the Delaware General Assembly.


John R. Schroeder, Chairperson

Sen. Russell Huxtable

Rep. Paul Baumbach

Dean Holden

Lorraine M. Fleming

David Sheppard

David A. Humes

Chief Dennis J. Coker

Laura Willis

Advisory To

Sec. Shawn M. Garvin, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control


Sec. Michael Scuse, Department of Agriculture

The Honorable Jeffrey W. Bullock, Secretary of State

Raymond E. Bivens, State Liaison Officer for the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund