Clean Water Trust Oversight Committee

The Clean Water Trust Oversight Committee oversees the Delaware Clean Water Trust and works to coordinate state programs that impact the quality of the State’s water resources. It serves in an advisory capacity to the Governor and the General Assembly.

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Greg Pope, P.E.
Environmental Finance Office

The Committee was created by the Clean Water for Delaware Act (83 Del. Law c. 84), to advise the Governor and the General Assembly, provide oversight of the Clean Water Trust account and publish an annual report and strategic plan for clean water.

The Delaware General Assembly established the Clean Water Trust account, to be funded from the Delaware Safe Drinking Water Revolving Fund, the Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund and funding related to Resource, Conservation and Development (RC&D) projects undertaken by the Kent, New Castle and Sussex County Conservation Districts.

Meetings of the Clean Water Trust Oversight Committee are posted on the DNREC Calendar of Events and on the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar.

Public input Sessions

The Clean Water Trust Oversight Committee held a series of virtual public input sessions in January and February of 2022. Recordings of each session are below:

Goals of the Committee

To encourage local governments, private entities, and farmers to undertake clean water projects that effectively and efficiently reduce pollution in the waters of the State by establishing mechanisms to facilitate planning and financing of such projects at the lowest reasonable costs.

To ensure the greatest environmental return on investment through the management and coordination of financial resources available to the State for drinking water, wastewater, drainage, and other eligible clean water projects which impact the quality of the State’s water resources.

Committee Membership

Sec. Shawn M. Garvin (Chair)
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Sec. Josette Manning, Esq.
Department of Health and Social Services

Sec. Rick Geisenberger
Department of Finance

Sec. Michael Scuse
Department of Agriculture

Sec. Nicole Majeski
Department of Transportation

Rep. Debra Heffernan
Chair, Joint Capital Improvement Committee

Sen. John “Jack” Walsh
Vice-Chair, Joint Capital Improvement Committee

Plans, Strategies and Reports

Draft Strategic Plan Framework

Clean Water Initiative

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