Climate + Health Conference

On June 6, 2017, the DNREC Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy hosted the Delaware Climate + Health Conference at the Buena Vista Conference Center in New Castle.

Delaware Climate + Health Conference

The event brought together health and medical professionals, environmental and social groups, and critical services stakeholders to explore the ways climate change is exacerbating challenges in public and environmental health in Delaware.

An estimated 70 participants attended the conference, contributing to stakeholder discussions following presentations by 10 Climate + Health Conference speakers.

Conference Agenda

Buena Vista Conference Center

Conference Objectives

  • Understand how climate change affects and threatens public health, with a focus on heat, air quality, and vector-borne diseases in Delaware
  • Explore ongoing adaptation initiatives in Delaware, highlighting projects that increase community and individual resilience to climate change effects on health
  • Participate in stakeholder discussions to assess the need for a statewide climate vulnerability assessment.

Conference Report

Climate Conference ReportUnable to attend, or just want a refresher? See the full Climate + Health Conference Report, which summarizes the discussions of each stakeholder breakout group and included a collective summary and insights gathered at the conclusion of the conference.

Speaker Presentations

Part 1: Changing Risks

Dr. Perry Sheffield, Mount Sinai
Providers, patients, and the public: Climate change affects us all

Susan Love, Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)
Delaware’s climate: Past, present, and future

Ms. Cassandra Codes-Johnson, Dept. of Health and Social Services
Heat vulnerability, equity and health

Dr. Cristina Archer, University of Delaware
Understanding climate change impacts on ozone concentrations in Delaware

Dr. Alison Kenner, Drexel University
Assessing asthma in a changing climate

Dr. William Meredith, Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Climate change impacts on mosquito and tick populations and the problems they cause: challenges ahead for vector control

Dr. Awele Maduka-Ezeh, Dept. of Health and Social Services
Vector-borne diseases: An overview

Part 2: Taking Action

Dr. Tabatha Offutt-Powell, Dept. of Health and Social Services
The path towards creating Delaware’s environmental public health tracking network

Dr. Yoon Kim, Four Twenty Seven Inc.
Enhancing climate-resilient worker health and safety

Part 3: Assessing Vulnerability

Dr. Yoon Kim, Four Twenty Seven Inc. conference participants sit around a table with a moderator and a flip chart of conversation points
Mapping heat and vulnerability to inform decision-making

Ms. Allison Gost, Maryland Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
Maryland’s public health approach to climate change

Want to learn more about climate and health?

Visit the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s Website to view, download and read The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States, released in 2016. For more information on climate change effects and action in Delaware, visit

Additional questions and concerns can be directed to the Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy at 302.735.3480.

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