Clean Fuel and Transportation Initiatives

Alternative fuel vehicles help us get from here to there with cleaner air and lower fueling costs. Electric cars, propane and natural gas vehicles, and bi-fuel vehicles are driven by Delawareans across all three counties. More hit the road in the US every day. Clean transportation is a crucial strategy in lowering our greenhouse gases and meeting the challenge of climate change.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Funding Announced

DNREC has announced recipients of grants to fund the installation of 14 new DC Fast Charging stations across the state.

The project locations represent a variety of charging location types and manufacturers, and reflect geographic diversity across the state. The projects selected for funding will be in downtown areas, shopping centers, hotels and traditional fueling centers, and will provide both en-route charging opportunities and neighborhood charging opportunities.

Clean Transportation Incentive Program

Electric vehicles plug into a wall or charging station. They come in two types: battery electric, which run only on electricity and don’t have a tailpipe, and plug-in hybrid electric, which have both a chargeable battery and a gas engine.

Electric vehicles are a great option for families, commuters, and business fleets. Cheaper to fuel and cleaner for the environment than gas cars, they’re better for your wallet and our air.

Rebates are available up to $2,500 from the state, and additional manufacturer offers may be available.Workplace Charging in Delaware

Rebates are also available for charging equipment and for workplace charging stations that benefit businesses and their employees.

Delaware’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan

DNREC and DelDOT are working together to plan Delaware’s future electric vehicle infrastructure. The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan they will create will map out future charging needs. It will address not only highway charging, but also charging in neighborhoods and commercial areas. And it will help direct future programs, including new funding opportunities through the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Clean Transportation Collaboratives

The Delaware Clean Cities Coalition

Delaware Clean Cities CoalitionThe Delaware Clean Cities Coalition is a collaborative group of transportation professionals, stakeholders, and Delaware state agency representatives that works to reduce petroleum use for transportation. Funded by the US Department of Energy, the national Clean Cities program has saved more than 3 billion gallons of petroleum in the United States since 1993, advancing America’s energy, economic, and environmental security.

The Transportation and Climate Initiative

Transportation and Climate InitiativeDNREC’s Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy is an active participant in the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), housed in the Georgetown Climate Center. Founded in 2010, TCI is a regional collaboration of 12 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic jurisdictions that seeks to develop the clean energy economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector.