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Pilottown Road Mitigation Study

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has undertaken an investigation of flood mitigation options for the section of Pilottown Road, in Lewes, that crosses Canary Creek near its confluence with the Broadkill River. The section of Pilottown Road leading to the Canary Creek bridge is frequently inundated

Flood Hazard Map Revision: Bundicks Branch

Sussex County proposes to revise the flood hazard information along Bundicks Branch between Beaver Dam Road and Cool Spring Road and along a tributary to Bundicks Branch from the confluence with Bundicks Branch to Dairy Farm Road.

Floods: Are You Prepared?

Delaware has the lowest average land elevation in the United States. It is more susceptible to flooding and faces an increased risk from sea level rise. Be prepared. Know your flood risk and how to manage it.

Floodplain Map Revision: Clear Brook

DNREC, in accordance with National Flood Insurance Program regulations, gives notice of the intent to revise flood hazard information, generally located between the confluence with Nanticoke River to Route 18/Cannon Road along Clear Brook in Sussex County.

Creating a Flood Ready Community

This course, presented with the University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration, reviews the multiple sources of flood risks to Delaware communities that can be addressed and mitigated through planning, codes, and ordinances.
This training covers floodplain requirements for municipalities. It presents