Wildlife Enthusiasts – Check Out Improved Access to the Bayshore!

By Anthony Gonzon

Map of the Delaware BayshoreDo you like to get out in nature to go birding, boating, fishing or hiking? How about hunting, taking photographs or just watching wildlife in their natural habitats? You can do all of this when you visit the Delaware Bayshore. It doesn’t take much effort to find your favorite spot to enjoy some time outdoors.

Places like Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and its sister refuge, Prime Hook, have much to offer. But these refuges are not the only spectacular sites to go along the Bayshore. We’re working hard to improve habitat, provide better access and improve facilities to benefit nature lovers.

Habitat improvements around the Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area east of Townsend continue to support the strongest northern bobwhite population in the state. Meadows have been established in several wildlife areas to provide enhanced wildlife cover and support pollinators like our native bees and butterflies. Removal of invasive species continues throughout the Bayshore with the help of volunteers who get their hands dirty for conservation.

Access has also been improved at places like the Augustine Wildlife Area, where a new observation deck overlooking the wetlands and Delaware River is available on the Port Penn Tract. Plans to improve connectivity will benefit all area users by providing safe access to the dike around the marsh.

Recent land acquisitions near the Eagles Nest and Milford Neck wildlife areas will also provide new opportunities for hunters and hikers alike.

Port Penn Viewing Deck

In the Little Creek Wildlife Area, the popular observation tower has been completely redesigned to make more accessible to all visitors. A new elevated boardwalk gradually brings visitors through the forested wetlands, ending with a spectacular view of coastal wetlands.

Look for even more improvements along the Bayshore this year in places like the Ted Harvey Conservation Area and the Woodland Beach Wildlife Area.

Because there are so many places to explore throughout the Bayshore’s wildlife areas, it’s difficult to pick only one. So why not visit them all and see what we’re doing to improve Bayshore access through our Delaware Bayshore Initiative. Enjoy your time outdoors along the Delaware Bayshore and be sure to return often!

Anthony Gonzon is the coordinator of the Delaware Bayshore Initiative with the Division of Fish Wildlife.

A version of this article appeared in the spring 2019 issue of Outdoor Delaware and has been updated.