Energy Advisory Council Membership

The membership of the Governor’s Energy Advisory Council is set in the amended Delaware Energy Act. There are 25 members, representing different branches of the state government, elected officials, the commercial sector, and the public at large.

Ed Kee, Chair

Sen. Stephanie Hansen

Rep. Debra Heffernan

Shawn M. Garvin, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary

Nicole Majeski, Department of Transportation Secretary

Michael Scuse, Department of Agriculture Secretary

Ruth Ann Price, Public Advocate

Drew Slater, Sustainable Energy Utility Executive Director

Dallas Winslow, Public Service Commission Chair

Dayna Cobb, Weatherization Assistance Program Policy Advisory Council Chair

Cassandra Marshall, Advocate, representing economically or environmentally overburdened and underserved communities

Lisa Oberdorf, DPL, representing Public Service Commission-regulated electric utilities

Steve Baccino, Chesapeake Utilities, representing PSC regulated gas utilities

Kimberly Schlichting, DEMEC, representing municipal utilities

Rob Book, DEC, representing cooperative public utilities

William “Don” Clifton, Delaware Farm Bureau, representing agriculture and/or agribusiness

Dale Davis, Delaware Solar Energy Coalition, representing solar energy

Kris Ohleth, Special Initiative on Offshore Wind Executive Director, representing wind energy

Bahareh van Boekhold, ILLUME Advising, representing energy efficiency

Dr. Steve Hegedus, University of Delaware, representing innovative energy technology

Christian Fuess, Delaware Energy Users Group, representing industrial electricity users

Mark Baker, Baker Petroleum, representing transportation and heating fuels

Christophe Tulou, Center for Inland Bays, representing environmental stakeholders

Dr. Alan Greenglass, Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Climate and Health, representing public health

Lori Murphy Lee, PJM, representing energy interests