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The DNREC Well Viewer

The DNREC Well Viewer is a map-based tool to help well drillers and homeowners explore data about well locations. Use the application to choose where to place a well or to learn about an existing well.

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Water Conservation

This page details recommended water conservation ideas for a drought watch and for a drought warning. It also includes planned mandatory restrictions in the case of a drought emergency. Drought watches, warnings and emergencies in Delaware are declared by the Governor. Water Use Recommendations for Drought Watch

Construction of Monitor and Observation Wells

Monitor and observation wells constructed in Delaware must conform to the requirements of the Delaware Regulations Governing the Construction and Use of Wells (7 DE Admin. Code 7301). This page reiterates some of the requirements found in the regulations. It also establishes additional criteria for the design and construction of monitor and observation

Residential Services

The Residential Services Section serves property owners and their selected contractors and appointed agents. The scope of services includes drinking water wells, septic systems and other residential activities that affect water resources in the ground. Wastewater Disposal The Wastewater Disposal Program oversees all aspects of the siting,

Innovative and Alternative Systems

In some cases, where site constraints limit the ability to install conventional wastewater treatment systems, the Department may approve innovative or alternative systems. These are alternative technologies that have been proven to provide at least an equivalent level of treatment as the conventional systems used in Delaware.

Approved Septic System Products

The Residential Services Section maintains the following list of septic system products reviewed and approved for use in Delaware. The Section also maintains a list of approved innovative and alternative systems that might be used where site constraints limit the ability to install conventional wastewater treatment systems. Approved Products – General

Maintaining Your Septic System

Properly maintaining your septic system can save you from problems, and expenses. The smaller the amount of wastewater you put through your system, the longer the system will last. Here are ideas for how to manage your system and help it last a long time. [column md=”6″ xclass=”col-xs-12

Septic Systems

An on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system – known commonly as a septic system – is a wastewater treatment facility located within an individual property boundary that collects, treats and disposes of wastewater from a home or business. This is different from a central or municipal wastewater treatment facility which receives wastewater from other locations

Well Permits

The DNREC Well Permits Program manages and issues well construction and use permits for wells that withdraw 50,000 gallons per day or less of water. The program also inspects wells and maintains data on the construction and status of all wells for which a well construction or use permit has been issued.