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Coastal Research

DNREC’s Delaware Coastal Programs conducts a variety of coastal research programs to study the affects of climate change, impacts from human pollutants, and other factors impacting the changing coastal environment of Delaware.

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The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) collaborates with various partner organizations and hosts visiting scientists who conduct research of local and national significance that focuses on enhancing coastal management.

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Past Projects and Fellows

The DNREC Coastal Management Program and the Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve are dynamic, evolving programs whose focus remains on the balance between the use and protection of Delaware’s coastal resources. This is an archive of information about some past projects.

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Coastal Monitoring

DNREC’s Delaware Coastal Programs conducts long-term monitoring to help understand the coastal environment. The data collected provide insights into complex estuarine ecosystems. They help local and national leaders understand the vulnerability and resilience of our coast — and the effects of a changing climate.
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Applied Coastal Science

An extensive and dynamic applied coastal science and monitoring program provides scientific data to inform management strategies for the conservation of critical coastal resources. The current focus areas include looking at issues related to climate change and sea level rise, water quality, animal and plant life, the interface between humans and the coastal ecosystem, and more.