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Open Burning by Fire Companies

Fire companies in Delaware are allowed to conduct certain open burning activities, including assisting farmers with agricultural burning and the intentional burning of structures for the purposes of firefighting instruction.
The Department will stop accepting applications for open burning starting April 24, 2024, to allow time for site inspections

Agricultural Burning

Farmers may conduct agricultural burning for crop residue, field maintenance, and land clearing for agricultural operations. This does not include clearing land in order to construct structures, even those used in conjunction with agricultural operations.
The Department will stop accepting applications for open burning starting April 24, 2024, to

Prescribed Burns

A prescribed fire is the burning of undisturbed vegetation intentionally ignited to meet specific land management objectives such as wildlife habitat improvement, disease or invasive species control, forest management, fuel suppression, and other recognized conservation practices under such conditions that the fire is confined to a predetermined area.

Citizens’ Guide to Residential Open Burning

Residential open burning, ceremonial open burning and several types of recreational open burning are permitted in Delaware except when prohibited by the State Fire Marshal or National Weather Service.

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Asbestos in Structures Intended for Training

Any structure intended to be used for firefighter training must first be inspected for asbestos. If any asbestos-containing materials are found, they must be removed prior to any activity which may damage the structure, including tearing, cutting, chopping, breaking, burning, etc.

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Open Burning

Most open burning is prohibited in Delaware from May 1 through September 30, typically referred to as “Ozone Season.” Exemptions include camping, cooking, and ceremonial fires. Delaware’s Open Burning Regulations prohibit certain types of burning at all times, and provide guidance for authorized burning under specific conditions.

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