Notice Of Public Hearing: Delaware City Refining Company

Division of NAME

Start Date: June 7, 2020
End Date: July 14, 2020

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Air Quality, will conduct a public hearing (Docket # 2020-P-A-0017) on the application and draft permit for the Delaware City Refining Company’s (DCRC) Title V Permit Renewal for its facility at 4550 Wrangle Hill Road, Delaware City. DCRC has submitted a request for a permit renewal pursuant to 7 DE Admin. Code 1130, Section 7 for operating Permit: AQM-003/00016 – Part 1 (Renewal 3), Part 2 – (Renewal 2), and Part 3 (Renewal 3).  The draft permit renewal incorporates applicable requirements of the Regulation 1102 permits for the Ethanol Marketing Project; elimination of the maximum data capture requirements from the Crude nitrogen oxides (NOx) continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS); incorporation of requirements contained in the Consent Decree “United States of America et al., v. Motiva Enterprises LLC, No. H-01-0978”; replacement of the EPA Tanks 4.09 requirement with the Tanks ESP Pro Version; modification of short-term NOx limits per the July 2019 Settlement Agreement; and correction of typographical errors and various reformatting.

Public Hearing

A virtual public hearing will be held on the application and draft permit on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, beginning at 6 pm.  The public may attend this virtual hearing via either webcast or phone – visit for connection information to this meeting. 

Please note that live comments will not be accepted during the virtual hearing. Written comments may be submitted to the Hearing Officer via the online comment form at, via email to, or via USPS to the below address. The Department will accept public comment through Friday, July 31, 2020.

Lisa A. Vest, Hearing Officer
Office of the Secretary
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901

For additional information on the above matters, including how to connect, and to review this application and draft permit, visit or contact Tracy Mattson, Division of Air Quality, 100 W Water Street, Suite 6A, Dover, DE 19904, by phone at (302) 739-9402, or by email at

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