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Notice Of Public Hearing: Delaware City Refining Company

The Division of Air Quality, will conduct a public hearing on the application and draft permit for the Delaware City Refining Company’s Title V Permit Renewal for its facility at 4550 Wrangle Hill Road, Delaware City.

7 DE Admin. Code 1102 Natural Minor Permit Application: Bilcare Research, Inc.

Bilcare Research, Inc., requests a construction/operation permit to operate three natural gas oil heaters and two natural gas heaters associated with the calendar lamination line at their facility at 1386 School House Road, in Delaware City.

Motiva Enterprises, LLC – Industrial Waste Landfill Permit Modification AND Fly Ash Settling Ponds Permit Modification

Motiva Enterprises, LLC has completed closure activities for the Industrial Waste Landfill and the Fly Ash Settling Ponds located on the grounds of the Delaware City Refinery in Delaware City at 4550 Wrangle Hill Road, in accordance with Delaware’s Regulations Governing Solid Waste.

Intent to Implement Post-Closure at the Delaware City Refinery Under the Delaware Regulations Governing Hazardous Waste

DNREC has made a preliminary decision to issue a hazardous waste Permit for Post-Closure to Motiva Enterprises LLC (Motiva), located at 4550 Wrangle Hill Road in Delaware City, Delaware.