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Hidden Treasures: Learn About Rare Plants in Delaware

Delaware is home to more than 1,600 native plant species. Of those, upward of 650 are considered rare here, including 47 thought to be completely extinct in the state.

Planting a Pollinator Garden – Dig In With Our Expert!

We all want to help bees and other pollinators that produce the food we eat. Planting a pollinator garden is a great way to do that. Our DNREC expert has some tips to help you dig in.

Plants and Plant Communities

Delaware has more than 1,600 species of native plants. More than a quarter of them are rare and can be found in more than 100 different terrestrial and wetland habitat types.
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Delaware Native Species Commission

The Delaware Native Species Commission was formed by the Delaware General Assembly to continue the work started by the Statewide Ecological Extinction Task Force and to implement recommendations made in the final report of the Task Force. The Commission, made up of a diverse group of individuals reflecting a balance of interests