Title V Synthetic Minor Permit Applications: Christiana Materials

Division of Air Quality

Published: Dec. 25, 2022
Comments Due: Jan. 24, 2023

Notice is hereby given that Christiana Materials, Inc. has submitted an application, pursuant to 7 DE Admin. Code 1102, Section 2.1, 11.2.9, and 12.3 for the reconstruction of one (1) counter-flow drum, one (1) exhaust fan, one (1) primary collector, one (1) Gencor Ultraflo baghouse, and one (1) burner with heat input rating 135 MMBTU/hr at 350 Salem Church Road, Newark, Delaware.

Christiana Materials, Inc. requests a limit for Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Carbon Monoxide (CO). These limits are necessary to restrict Christiana Materials, Inc. potential to emit air pollutants, and the limit will be enforceable by the EPA and the state. Total estimated emissions from the facility are 16.44 tons per year of NOX, 27.58 tons per year of CO, 5.21 tons per year of VOCs, 0.58 tons per year of Particulate Matter Less Than 2.5 Microns (PM2.5), 0.84 tons per year of Particulate Matter Less Than 10 Microns (PM10), 7.59 tons per year of Total Particulate Matter (PM), 2.25 tons per year of Sulfur Oxides (SOX), and 0.54 tons per year of Total Hydrocarbon (THC).

The application, the “draft” permit (Permit: APC-1982/0850-CONSTRUCTION (NSPS)(SM)(Amendment 10)), all materials that the applicant has submitted (other than those granted confidential treatment under DNREC rules), and a copy or summary of other materials, if any, considered in preparing the “draft” permit may be inspected upon request. To submit comments, for additional information or for an appointment to inspect the public file, please contact Jennifer Childears in the Dover office at (302) 739-9402.

A public hearing concerning the permitting action will not be held unless the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control receives a request for such hearing within thirty (30) days from the date of this notice, ending January 24, 2023. A request for a hearing shall be in writing and must show a familiarity with the application and a reasoned statement of the permit’s probable impact.

Division of Air Quality
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