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Boilers and Pressure Vessels

The primary objective of the DNREC Boiler Safety Program is to protect the public from unsafe boilers, pressure vessels. It does so by providing registration and inspections of boilers and pressure vessels under the state’s Boiler Safety Regulations.

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Boiler Safety

Insurance Companies

A listing of insurance companies and contacts related to boilers and pressure vessels.
ARISE Inc. Grand Bay I 7000 South Edgerton Road Suite 100 Brecksville, OH 44141-3172 440-740-0197 Website Chubb 525 W. Monroe, Suite 700 Chicago,

Boiler Safety Commissions and Testing

The Boiler Safety Program requires anyone conducting jurisdictional inspections to have a current National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors IS (In-Service) Commission and a Delaware Certificate of Competency.

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Boiler Safety Program 302-395-2500

Council on Boiler Safety

The Council on Boiler Safety serves in an advisory capacity to the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) on matters relating to the sale, operation, construction and use of boilers in Delaware.

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Boiler Safety Program 391 Lukens