A Tree for Every Delawarean

Trees are natural champions. From our state forests to our city parks, trees improve air and water quality, preserve soil, and support wildlife – and they play a critical role in helping to fight climate change.

The Tree for Every Delawarean Initiative (TEDI) is part of Delaware’s comprehensive plan to respond to climate change.

The goal: Plant at least one tree for every Delawarean.

You can help. Plant trees at your home or business and add them to the TEDI Tracker using the full screen version or the mobile phone version.

A Tree-Planting Partnership

The Tree for Every Delawarean Initiative is a partnership that includes the DNREC Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy, the Urban and Community Forestry (UFC) programs in the Department of Agriculture’s Delaware Forest Service and other stakeholders.

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Funding Opportunities

Funding for tree-plantings is available from a variety of sources for private residences and landownerscommunities and homeowners associationsnon-governmental organizationsparksschoolsmunicipalitiescounties and state agencies.

Tree-Planting Resources

A tree, ready for planting, with its roots wrapped into a ball with burlap.

How to Properly Plant Trees

When and How to Plant a Tree

Utility Line Avoidance

Call Before You Dig (Miss Utility Delmarva)

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