Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Applications

Division of Water

Published: Sept. 30, 2020
Comments Due: Oct. 20, 2020

Subaqueous Lands Permit Applications

Dale and Jody Franklin (3-34-5.00-314.00) – To construct a 5 by 14 foot long floating PWC dock connecting to a previously authorized structure in Red Mill Pond at 31015 Sycamore Drive, Lewes, Sussex County, DE

Paul and Allison Lombardi (3-34-20.06-112.02) – To construct a 4 by 28 foot long pier in Silver Lake along East Lake Drive, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, DE

Subaqueous Lands Lease Application

CMF Tidewater Landing, LLC (2-34-6.00-975.00) – To construct a 4 by 26 foot long pier, a 4 by 20 foot long gangway, a 6 by 6 foot long floating “T” platform for the gangway to ride on, a 8 by 20 foot long floating dock and a 4 by 5 foot long kayak launch in Love Creek at the terminus of Lucy Way, Lewes, Sussex County, DE

Subaqueous Lands Permit and Water Quality Application

DNREC, Division of Watershed Stewardship (133-17.00-5.00 (16.5ac) and 133-17.14-28.00 (2.59ac)) – To restore 7 acres of historic vegetated wetlands by the following activities: To apply approximately 26,500 cubic yards of dredge material via hydraulic pump of thin layer deposition across a 305,469 square feet area, not to exceed a target elevation of .3 meters NAVD88 and plant the area with wetland vegetation via aerial application, hand seeding and/or hand planting located in the Indian River at 361 E. State Street Millsboro, Sussex County, DE

DNREC – Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Statewide Activity Approval (SAA) Renewal 

The Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section of the Division of Water, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (Department) proposes to revise and renew the Living Shoreline Stabilization Statewide Activity Approval (SAA) pursuant to the provisions of 7 Del. C., 7203, and the Department’s Regulations Governing the Use of Subaqueous Lands, effective November 1, 2020. The SAA authorizes the construction of shoreline stabilization projects that preserve, enhance and/or restore valuable ecological functions in tidal and non-tidal subaqueous lands jurisdiction under 7 Del. C., Chapter 72, The Subaqueous Lands Act, within the State of Delaware.

These Documents/Applications above are available for review by contacting:

Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901

If you have any comments, please return this memo to this office by October 20, 2020.

A public hearing on the above applications will NOT be held unless the Secretary of DNREC determines that a public hearing is in the public interest or if a written meritorious objection to the application is received within 20 days from this notice. Please indicate in your letter whether your intention is to request a public hearing or whether you are simply providing comments for the Department’s consideration. If a public hearing is desired, please be advised that a public hearing request shall be deemed meritorious if it exhibits familiarity with the application and provides a reasoned statement of the action’s probable impact.