Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Applications

Division of Water

Published: June 22, 2022
Comments Due: July 12, 2022

Subaqueous Lands Lease Renewal

Rehoboth Beach Country Club, Inc. (3-34-19.00-0148.00) – To utilize and maintain a 6 by 73 foot long pier, a 6 by 54 foot long dock and three (3) 2 by 24 foot long finger piers in the Rehoboth Bay at 221 West Side Drive, RBYCC, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, DE.

Subaqueous Lands Permit Applications

Richard A. Steel and Mary Anne Steel (1-34-5.00-301.00) – To repair by replace and elevate 75 linear feet of bulkhead; to construct a 5 by 16 foot long dock, one (1) free-standing mooring piling, a 3 by 8 foot long gangway and a 6 by 25 foot long floating dock in an Unnamed lagoon adjacent to Beach Cove, located at 124 Ewing Road, Bayside Hamlet, Ocean View, Sussex County, DE.

Timothy and Kathleen Naughton (1-34-13.00-1397.00) – To install 50 linear feet of rip-rap consisting of approximately 11 cubic yards of material and to construct a 4 by 9 foot long set of stairs with two (2) associated pilings in the Bethany Loop Canal at 428 Canal Way East, Bethany Beach, Sussex County, DE.

Geoffrey and Carole Abbott (1-34-20.11-29.00) – To install a boat lift with one (1) associated pilling in Cedar Pond at 35028 Andrew St. Bethany Beach, Sussex County, DE.

Subaqueous Lands Permit & Wetlands Permit Applications

Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife (2-00-07900-01-0300-00001) – To place up to 30,000 cubic yards (3,600 square feet) of clean fill to raise the existing levee at the Little Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) to provide resiliency to the management area with respect to sea level rise and future potential increased storm surge elevations. Additionally, sand will be placed along the Delaware Bay shoreline above the mean high water line to serve as a material source for the beach during high wave and water level events which may cause erosion of the shoreline. Project site is located within the Little Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA), Little Creek, Kent County, DE.

Subaqueous Lands Permit & Wetlands Permit Applications and Water Quality Certification Request

United States Army Corps of Engineers (Linear-Lewes & Rehoboth Canal & 3-35-4.19-67.00-Disposal Site) – To hydraulically maintenance dredge approximately 75,000 cubic yards of material in areas of the federally authorized channel with depths less than -10 feet MLW between Roosevelt Inlet and the Savannah Road Bridge and in areas with depths less than -6 feet MLW from the Savannah Road Bridge to a distance approximately 1000 feet southeast of the Rt 9 bridge and to temporarily place a pipeline up to 300 feet across state-regulated tidal wetlands to transport dredge material in one, or both of, the confined upland disposal facilities (CDFs) located in the City of Lewes along Cedar St, Lewes, Sussex County, DE. Additionally, the applicant requests for a Section §401 Water Quality Certification. Approval is being requested to conduct maintenance dredging in a federally authorized channel in the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal.

Subaqueous Lands Lease, Wetlands Permit, Marina Permit, O & M Applications and Water Quality Certification Request

Osprey Point Preserves, LLC (3-34-18.00-83.00 and 83.17) – proposes to construct a new 25-slip commercial minor marina and kayak launch dock to be located on the eastern shore of Arnell Creek that would be open to the public and residents of the future Osprey Point Community. The construction of the marina would consist of a 3 by 42 foot long walkway crossing state-regulated tidal wetlands connecting to a 4 by 31 foot long pier, a 4 by 128 foot long horizontal pier, two (2) 4 by 84 foot long piers, ten (10) 3 by 12 foot long finger piers, two (2) 6 by 54 foot long “T” docks and 37 free-standing mooring pilings. The construction of the kayak facility would consist of a 4 by 50 foot long pier, a 4 by 20 foot long gangway, a 6 by 4 foot long platform connected to an 8 by 24 foot long floating dock and a 4 by 5 foot long kayak launch. The applicant also requests for a Section §401 Water Quality Certification to place 16 cubic yards of fill (rip-rap) in Section 404 wetlands associated with the stormwater management basin. The proposed construction is located in Arnell Creek adjacent to the Rehoboth Bay at the corner of Ethan Drive & Paul Reveere Drive, Osprey Point Community, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, DE.

Map Change Application

Beachside Builders, LLC & Mark Burton (2-30-1.00-47.00) – Requesting a change of State wetlands map DNR-149 to reclassify 4,740 square feet of (M), Marsh area to (O), Other to reflect current conditions at 478 Bay Avenue, Slaughter Beach, Sussex County, DE.

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Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section
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If you have any comments, please email the above or return this memo to this office by July 12, 2022.

A public hearing on the above applications will NOT be held unless the Secretary of DNREC determines that a public hearing is in the public interest or if a written meritorious objection to the application is received within 20 days from this notice. Please indicate in your letter whether your intention is to request a public hearing or whether you are simply providing comments for the Department’s consideration. If a public hearing is desired, please be advised that a public hearing request shall be deemed meritorious if it exhibits familiarity with the application and provides a reasoned statement of the action’s probable impact.