Subaqueous Lands Applications

Division of Water

Published: March 29, 2023
Comments Due: April 18, 2023

Subaqueous Lands Lease

Frank A. Anilo (134-7.00-55.00) – To construct a 4 by 125 foot long pier, a 6 by 60 foot long dock, and to install two (2) boatlifts with 4 associated pilings, each, located in Indian River Bay at 33443 Calcutta Cove, West Beach, Dagsboro, Sussex County, DE.

Louis Nepa (2-34-24.00-57.00) – To utilize and maintain a boatlift with 4 associated pilings, a 4 by 50 foot long pier, 6 by 32 foot long dock, 4 freestanding pilings, and to install two (2) 3.5 by 10 foot long floating docks and two (2) 5 by 14 foot long floating PWC platforms, in Guinea Creek, Winding Creek Village, at 3 Creek Dr. Millsboro, Sussex County, DE.

Catherine L. Garvine, Trustee (533-19.16-9.00) – To authorize and maintain a 6.5 by 14 foot long pier, a 9 by 34 foot long dock, a 6 by 28 foot long dock, a 2 by 6.5 foot long dock, and two (2) boatlifts with eight (8) associated pilings, and to install one (1) standalone piling in Assawoman Bay, at 38397 River Birch Drive, Keenwik, Selbyville, Sussex County, DE.

William and Leslie Buckalew (334-18.00-17.00) – To construct a 3 by 8 foot long gangway, a 6 by 6 foot long floating pier, and a 6 by 30 foot long floating dock in Love Creek, at 17 Love Creek Pines Lane, Lewes, Sussex County, DE.

Heidi and Kevin Gilmore (234-18.00-53.00) – To construct a 4 by 50 foot long pier extension, a 6 by 25 foot long dock, and a boatlift with 4 associated pilings, and to create a living shoreline by constructing a 163 foot long rock sill and planting 1,630 square feet of smooth cordgrass, salt hay, and switchgrass channelward of the mean high water line in Herring Creek, 24351 Thorneby Terrace, Millsboro, Sussex County, DE.

City of New Castle – To install a 4 by 80 foot long gangway, and a 10 by 36 foot long floating dock, and to maintain the existing 12 by 84 foot long pier, 6 by 76 foot long pier, and 10 by 100 foot long dock, located in Delaware River, at the terminus of Delaware Street, City of New Castle, New Castle County, DE.

Subaqueous Lands Permit, Marina Permit

MHC Mariner’s Cove, LLC. (#235-25.00-4.00) – To authorize an existing 355 slip community marina consisting of (55) 3 by 18 foot long finger piers, (198) 5 by 25 foot long docks located at each waterfront residence, (49) floating PWC platforms, one (1) boatlift, one (1) community boat ramp, 120 unpaved parking spaces, forty (40) vessel storage parking spaces, and to permit a blanket authorization for (1) single boat lift OR (1) single PWC float or lift or davit per existing slip, and (1) standard 3 foot wide by 8 foot long access ladder per existing slip located in unnamed lagoons adjacent to Rehoboth Bay, at 35356 Sussex Lane #1, Mariner’s Cove, Millsboro, Sussex County, DE.

Subaqueous Lands Lease, Marina Permit

Robert B. Atallian and Carol D. Atallian – Laughing Gull Marina – (# 334-18.00-28.00) – To construct a minor marina alteration with the addition of one (1) slip for a total of ten (10) slips at Laughing Gull Marina by the reconfiguration and construction of five (5) 2 by 28 foot long finger piers, seventeen (17) standalone pilings and to repair by replace an existing 4 by 24.6 foot long finger pier located in Love Creek, at 20807 North Cliffe Drive, Laughing Gull Marina, Lewes, Sussex County, DE. 

These Documents/Applications above are available for review by contacting:

Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901

If you have any comments, please return this memo to this office by April 18, 2023.

A public hearing on the above applications will NOT be held unless the Secretary of DNREC determines that a public hearing is in the public interest or if a written meritorious objection to the application is received within 20 days from this notice. Please indicate in your letter whether your intention is to request a public hearing or whether you are simply providing comments for the Department’s consideration. If a public hearing is desired, please be advised that a public hearing request shall be deemed meritorious if it exhibits familiarity with the application and provides a reasoned statement of the action’s probable impact.