Proposed Plan of Remedial Action for Justison Landing Parcel 1A (DE-1674)

Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances

Published: Jan. 9, 2022
Comments Due: Jan. 31, 2022

The Department invites public comment on a proposal to clean-up the Justison Landing Parcel 1A (DE-1674) Site located at 501 Harlan Boulevard in Wilmington. The Site is currently being used as seasonal beer garden in the summer and an ice-skating rink in the winter. In the past, the Site was part of historic ship building area and was used as the Wilmington Vehicle Maintenance Building. The Site was previously included as part of the Justison Landing Redevelopment-Phase 1 Site as Parcel 1 which has an approved Final Plan of Remedial Action (Final Plan). Some remedial actions were completed on the Site in accordance with that Final Plan. However, in 2018, for redevelopment purposes, Parcel 1 was split into Parcel 1A and Parcel 1B.

Taking into consideration the remedial actions already completed on the Site, the proposed remedial actions include: Environmental Management During Construction-Update and implement the revised Justison Landing Contamination Material Management Plan; Vapor Barriers; Institutional Controls- placement of an environmental covenant limiting land disturbing activities, limiting groundwater withdrawal and restricting to non-residential site uses, compliance with the Long-Term Stewardship Plan and Contaminated Materials Management Plan.; Long-Term Stewardship Plan-Development and implement a Justison Landing Parcel 1A LTS Plan and Remedial Action Completion Report.

Details of the Proposed Plan are available online at:

The comment period ends on January 31, 2022. For additional information, please contact Rick Galloway, Project Manager at (302) 395-2600 or via email at