Final Plan of Remedial Action for OU-2 of the Whittington Woods Site DE-1509

Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances

Published: Nov. 11, 2020

The Department has adopted a plan regarding the clean-up of OU-2 of the Whittington Woods Site located in Bear. The Site had been mined for sand and gravel since the early 1940s. From 1945 to 1968 two separate areas of the Site were occupied by an open dump-and-burn pit, including areas in OU-2. Various industrial and other wastes were discovered buried on-site. The Site requires a restriction on future property use (restricted to open space and/or recreational), restricted use of groundwater at the Site, contaminant containment and/or removal, and long-term monitoring to eliminate ecological risks and future Site user exposure to existing Site soils and groundwater.

DNREC issued a public notice of the Proposed Plan for OU-2 of the Whittington Woods Site on October 14, 2020. There were no comments or questions from the public regarding the Proposed Plan. Details of the Final Plan are available online at:

For additional information, please contact Caleb Melvin, Project Manager at (302) 395-2600 or via email at