Federal Consistency Determination: Bluefish Fishery Management Plan

Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy

Published: Aug. 15, 2021
Comments Due: Sept. 3, 2021
Documents For Review
Federal Consistency Form

A Federal Consistency Determination has been submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program for the following: Amendment 7 to the Bluefish Fishery Management Plan (2021.0094)

The National Marine Fisheries Service proposes to update the Bluefish Fishery Management Plan (FMP) using the best information available by revising quota allocations and management procedures. This amendment would: Revise the Bluefish FMP goals and objectives; establish updated allocation percentages of bluefish quota between the commercial and recreational fishery sectors, as well as commercial quota among the states of Maine through Florida, to be applied through future specifications actions; initiate a rebuilding plan for the bluefish stock that was declared overfished in 2019; revise the procedures to transfer quota between commercial and recreational fishery sectors; and revise administrative measures that determine how the FMP accounts for management uncertainty.

Comments concerning this Federal Consistency Determination will be accepted for 20 days from the date of this notice. Comments may be sent to: Delaware Coastal Programs, Ms. Kimberly Cole, Administrator, 100 W. Water Street, Suite 7B, Dover, DE, 19904, or electronically to For additional information please call (302) 739-9283.