Federal Consistency Certifications Submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program

Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy

Published: April 30, 2023
Comments Due: May 30, 2023
Documents for Review

A Federal Consistency Certification has been submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program (DCMP) for the following:

Assawoman Canal Dredging and Beneficial Use (2023.0048)

The DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship, Shoreline and Waterway Management Section proposes to conduct maintenance dredging in the Assawoman Canal and to beneficially use dredged material at the Muddy Neck Marsh Complex of Assawoman Wildlife Area in Little Assawoman Bay, Sussex County, Delaware. As part of the project, up to 50,000 cubic yards of sediment would be dredged from Assawoman Canal consistent with previous dredge design depths, transported to Muddy Neck Marsh Complex, and placed by thin layer placement to restore the existing wetland area. The proposed activity is subject to review for consistency under the policies of the DCMP.

Fort Mott Seawall Rehabilitation (2023.0050)

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection proposes to repair an existing seawall, add bank stabilization measures, and provide upland flood protection at Fort Mott State Park in Salem County, New Jersey. The project would include installation of a concrete apron and riprap along the existing seawall, and installation of 1,354 linear feet of steel sheet piles five feet waterward of the existing wall at two feet above grade. Additionally, the proposed project includes repairs to an existing sluice gate near the northwest end of the seawall and installation of a new self-regulating tide gate. Approximately 300 square feet of area would be disturbed below mean low water to facilitate the proposed tide gate at the entrance of the existing sluice pipe through the seawall. The Delaware Coastal Management Program has regulatory authority to review impacts from projects below mean low water at this location along the Delaware River. The proposed activity is subject to review for consistency under the policies of the DCMP.

Comments concerning this Federal Consistency Certification will be accepted for 30 days from the date of this notice. Comments may be sent to: Delaware Coastal Programs, Ms. Kimberly Cole, Administrator, 100 W. Water Street, Suite 7B, Dover, DE, 19904, or electronically to For additional information please call (302) 739-9283.