Federal Consistency Certification: New Jersey Economic Development Authority

Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy

Published: April 2, 2023
Comments Due: May 2, 2023

A Federal Consistency Certification has been submitted to the Delaware Coastal Management Program for the following: New Jersey Wind Port Phase 2 (2023.0034)

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) is proposing a second phase to the offshore wind port development project at the Salem and Hope Creek Generating Station on Artificial Island in Salem County, New Jersey to support simultaneous marshalling of two offshore wind development projects as well as supply chain support through manufacturing. The Delaware Coastal Management Program (DCMP) is reviewing in-water activities related to this project through interstate consistency, which include the installation of approximately 3,500 linear feet of wharf structures and dredging of approximately 4 million cubic yards of material to extend the existing berthing pocket, install a second turning basin, and deepen the existing access channel from -35.5 feet to -39.5 feet. Berthing pockets for the installation vessels would be dredged to -47.5 feet to support placement of a gravel base for use with jack up installation vessels. The in-water area of disturbance would be 180 acres, 80 of which were previously dredged as part of Phase 1 activities. Approximately 3.99 acres of wetlands and intertidal mudflat east of the existing timber bulkhead would be excavated to create open water area beneath the overhanging wharf. Dredged materials would be utilized for a beneficial use project at Stoney Point, south of Artificial Island, for the creation of approximately 180 acres of new tidal wetland habitat and restoration of thousands of linear feet of historic shoreline habitat that has been lost due to erosion.

The proposed activity is subject to review for consistency under the policies of the DCMP.

Comments concerning this Federal Consistency Certification will be accepted for 30 days from the date of this notice. Comments may be sent to: Delaware Coastal Programs, Ms. Kimberly Cole, Administrator, 100 W. Water Street, Suite 7B, Dover, DE, 19904, or electronically to For additional information please call (302) 739-9283.