Marsh Madness Earth Day Tours

Date and Time:
Saturday, April 22, 2023
10:00 am

AREC Boardwalk
4876 Hay Point Landing Road
Smyrna, Delaware

Celebrate Earth Day with a visit to the tidal salt marsh at the Tony Florio Woodland Beach Wildlife Area near Smyrna.

Photo of a long-legged bird wading in shallow water.Educators from the Aquatic Resources Education Center, managed by the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife, will be on hand to provide a close-up view of the tidal salt marsh and some of the fish and other aquatic life that live along the tidal streams.

This tidal salt marsh is an example of one of the most amazing ecosystems on earth. A network of brackish water streams provides a nursery for young fish that will eventually move out to inhabit the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Fiddler crabs and other aquatic life take advantage of rich food sources in the marsh and egrets, herons, ospreys and other birds are often seen as they hunt for fish along the tidal streams.

For directions and more information, please contact Pearlie Franklin.

Map and Directions:
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