Before the Environmental Appeals Board: Appeal 2024-02

Date and Time:
Tuesday, July 16, 2024
9:00 am

Kent County Administration Building
555 South Bay Rd.
Dover, Delaware

The Delaware Environmental Appeals Board will hold a hearing on Appellee’s Motion to Dismiss appeal EAB 2024-02.

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Meeting ID: 2337 331 5353
Password: EMfpFtxh492

This will be a hybrid hearing, with an in-person option at Kent County Levy Court, in Dover, and a virtual option, via WebEx.

The appeal, by Veteran’s Services and Clean and Fresh Environmental Services, challenges the decision of the DNREC Secretary in Secretary’s Order No. 2024-A-0010, dated March 12, 2024, approving a new vacuum pump and production line at Noramco, in Wilmington.

More information the appeal can be found on the webpage of the Delaware Environmental Appeals Board.

The Board shall reach its decision based on the record before the Secretary and evidence presented by the parties. The Board may affirm, reverse, or remand the decision of the Secretary. Pursuant to 7 Del. C. § 6008(a), the Board may enter into executive session for deliberation.

For more information, contact the Environmental Appeals Board staff at 302-739-9001.

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