2021 Semi-Virtual Youth Fishing Tournament

Date and Time:
Saturday, June 5, 2021
10:00 am


, Delaware

Bring your family to one of Delaware’s freshwater fishing ponds for the 2021 Semi-Virtual Youth Fishing Tournament.

The annual Youth Fishing Tournament introduces the state’s young people to the sport of fishing, along with the catch-and-release approach to conservation.

The tournament will be held at more than 30 public ponds across the state as a fish-on-your-own, semi-virtual event limited to children accompanied by their parent or guardian. Participants and sponsoring parents/guardians must follow basic pandemic health guidelines:

  • Stay at least six feet (a typical fishing pole) from people from other households.
  • Wear face coverings when in groups that include people outside your household, or when you are unable to social distance.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after the event.
  • Follow all local rules and regulations.

To participate, parents or guardians must register their families for the event and download the Fishing Chaos App before the tournament date. It’s always wise to create your account on the app and try it out out before the tournament date. (Learn more)

The tournament is open to children ages 4 to 15. Families must fish at one of Delaware’s approved freshwater fishing ponds and report their children’s catch via the app. Bring your own fishing equipment and please maintain a proper distance from your neighbors.

Every registered participant will receive a prize. Trophies will be awarded to the participant who caught the longest fish in each category of species.

The tournament is sponsored by the Delaware Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police. It is free and open to the public.


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