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Economic Analysis for Shoreline Management

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has commissioned a study to explore the economic benefits of beach nourishment and to begin to develop new approaches to funding projects needed to maintain Delaware’s shorelines. This will be a public process, with public meetings to present information to Delaware residents and

Delaware Inland Bay and Delaware Bay Coast Coastal Storm Risk Management Study

The Coastal Storm Risk Management Study of the Delaware Inland Bays and Delaware Bay Coast (known as the Back Bay Study) will explore potential storm risk management problems and flood risk reduction solutions. It will recommend risk reduction solutions that increase community resilience to coastal storms.
The Delaware Inland Bays

Coastal Construction Permits

The DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship manages permits and approvals under the regulatory programs that govern coastal construction in Delaware.

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Jennifer Luoma Pongratz 302-608-5502
ePermitting Application Instructions

Questions and Answers

A collection of common questions, and answers, about the coastal construction regulatory program.
The Division of Watershed Stewardship’s Shoreline and Waterway Management Section has a series of maps that show the location of the Building Line.


DNREC’s Adopt-A-Beach program is a partnership between the Department and Delaware volunteers, working in tandem to protect and enhance Delaware’s beaches.

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Eddie Meade Environmental Scientist 302-608-5500
Going beyond just picking up litter, DNREC’s goals for the Adopt-A-Beach program

Beach Grass Planting

Volunteers are the backbone of Delaware’s shoreline stabilization. Every spring since 1990, except when pandemic conditions prevented it, dedicated volunteers have stabilized Delaware’s sand dunes by planting more than 5 million stems of Cape American beach grass along ocean and bay beaches.
The 34th Annual Beach Grass Planting

You Can Help Protect Beaches and Dunes

There are several ways property owners and visitors can preserve and protect beaches and dunes.

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Shoreline and Waterway Management Section 302-608-5500
Plant Beach Grass Planting ‘Cape’ American beach grass (Ammophila breviligulata)

Beaches and Shorelines

The DNREC Shoreline and Waterway Management Section works to maintain and improve Delaware’s beaches, shorelines and waterways.

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Shoreline and Waterway Management Section 302-608-5500
The section manages the shoreline through regulation of coastal

Coastal Construction

Coastal development adds stress to beach systems, especially to dunes. Dunes and beaches are the first lines of protection from wave action for coastal communities during coastal storms. Dunes also act as storage areas that supply sand to the beach during storms.

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Delaware Beach Building Line Maps

The Regulations Governing Beach Protection and the Use of Beaches (7 DE Admin. Code 5102) establishes a “building line” along the coast and stipulate that no construction may take place seaward of that without a Coastal Construction Permit or Coastal Construction Letter of Approval from the Department. The building line is mapped by the Department

Beaches are a Natural Resource

The sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay shorelines are valuable natural resources to the State of Delaware. The beaches were created by nature and continue to be shaped by wind and waves. The 1972 Beach Preservation Act (7 Del.C. Chapter 68) provides the authority to DNREC to enhance, preserve, and protect the