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Compost Bins Available at a Discount Price

Get compost bins, rain barrels and related accessories for a discounted price through a program offered by DNREC’s Division of Waste and Hazardous Substances. The discount bins and accessories must be pre-ordered online and picked up at one of three locations around the state. DNREC has contracted with

Are You a Solution Provider?

The DNREC Recycling Program offers the Recyclopedia search tool to help consumers find ways to properly dispose of things. The team is always looking for new solutions for recycling and disposing of items. If you offer a solution that might help, the team wants to hear from you. Use the form below to provide

Recyclopedia: What Can I Recycle in Delaware?

Use the Recyclopedia search tool to find out if something is acceptable to recycle at home, if you need to drop it off, or if it is trash.
Use the search bar or scroll through the featured topics below. Use the map search

Delaware Recycles

Recycling conserves valuable natural resources and energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps us take responsibility for our waste today, as opposed to leaving a burden for future generations. Recycling is an economic engine that has created job opportunities in Delaware and has significantly reduced Delaware’s rate of

Delaware’s Plastic Carryout Bag Ban

As of July 1, 2022, retailers in the State of Delaware no longer provide a plastic carryout bag made from film at checkout. Instead, they now provide customers access to a reusable bag for purchases.
In 2019, the Delaware General Assembly passed a law banning plastic

Recycling for Business

Businesses can make a major contribution to recycling in Delaware. They can help their customers recycle and manage wastes, and they can structure their own business practices to take advantage of recycling opportunities and resources.


What would you rather grow? A rich backyard garden? Or a an ever-expanding landfill down the road? By composting your yard waste and kitchen scraps, you can reduce the amount of waste that you are feeding to the landfill and at the same time produce food for your yard and garden that is as good

Recycling Public Advisory Council

The Delaware Recycling Public Advisory Council was established by the Delaware General Assembly in 2010 (7 Del. Code, §6058) to advise the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), and the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) on all aspects of recycling.
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