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Low- to Moderate-Income Solar Pilot Program

The DNREC Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) Solar Pilot Program is meant to bring renewable energy to a segment of the Delaware population that has historically been underserved by existing state programs and incentives. Grant funding is available to promote the use of renewable energy in Delaware for low-

Offshore Wind

Delaware continues to explore opportunities and challenges presented by the growing offshore wind industry.
US Wind Project Federal Consistency Certification Comment Period Federal Consistency Certifications for the US Wind Maryland Offshore Project have been submitted to the DNREC Coastal Management Program. Comments will be accepted through June 5,

Junior Solar Sprint

The annual Junior Solar Sprint is a statewide challenge of ingenuity, engineering, and speed for students in grades five through eight.

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Offshore Wind Working Group

Governor John Carney established the Offshore Wind Working Group in August, 2017, to study opportunities for Delaware to participate in developing offshore wind. The Working Group met from October, 2017, through June 2018, when it submitted its report to the Governor.
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Participating Contractors

Looking to install a renewable energy system? DNREC’s Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy maintains the list below of contractors that can install different types of renewable energy technologies supported by green energy funding programs. If your contractor is not listed as a current participating contractor, please ask your contractor to submit a Participating

Renewable Energy Portfolio Cost Cap Provision

The Renewable Energy Standards Portfolio Act (26 Del.C. § 354(i) and (j)) includes a cost cap provision that allows the state to freeze the renewable Energy Portfolio Standards program if the costs exceed the benefits.

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Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy

Renewable Energy Assistance

Grant funds and incentives are available to promote the use of renewable energy in Delaware. The DNREC Green Energy Program includes several different types of green energy funding programs from the state’s major electric utilities.

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History of Delaware Green Energy Programs

The Delaware Green Energy Program began in 1999 when the General Assembly deregulated Delaware’s electric utilities (26 Del.C. Ch. 10). In 1999, the General Assembly created a Green Energy Fund (29 Del.C. § 8057) and required Delmarva Power to fund it using contributions from Delmarva Power customers. The program, and energy assistance programs, have grown since then. The Delaware

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards

State law mandates that Delaware’s utilities derive 40 percent of their energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by 2035.

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Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy 302-735-3480 Delaware Public Service Commission 302-736-7500

Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce

The Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce was established under the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act (26 Del.C. § 351 – § 364) to provide recommendations on establishing renewable energy trading mechanisms and other structures to support the growth of renewable energy in Delaware.
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Renewable Energy

Delaware supports the use of renewable energy by homeowners and businesses through grant funding, incentives, and technical guidance. The state partners with utilities to make these programs possible. Delaware’s state law requires that utilities derive a growing part of their energy supplies from renewable sources.
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