DNREC Capital Plan

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Capital Plan lays out a series of key projects to achieve the Department’s vision. Each demonstrates that strategic environmental investments help drive economic prosperity and growth. By providing sustained funding for these critical infrastructure needs, we will help strengthen Delaware’s economy, while we improve the health of our environment.

Investments in Infrastructure

The 2018 – 2021 DNREC Capital Plan continues investment in the environmental infrastructure that supports tourism, recreation, and public health and safety. The plan focuses on investing in critical infrastructure, maintaining clean water infrastructure, supporting healthy families, and preserving our natural heritage and expanding tourism.

Shoreline Management and Waterway Management
Repair/Replacement of High-Hazard Dams and Dikes
Tax Ditches and Public Ditches
Resource, Conservation and Development 21st Century Fund
Rehabilitation/Replacement of Coastal Impoundments and Water Control Structures
Critical Equipment for Operations
Environmental Laboratory Renovations
Debris Pit Remediation
Consolidation of Dover Campus Offices
Groundwater Monitoring Network
Poplar Thicket Erosion Control
Conservation Cost-Share
Conservation Reserve and Enhancement Program
Clean Water State Revolving Fund
Rehabilitation of Critical Facilities in State Parks and Fish and Wildlife Areas
Statewide Trails and Pathways
Improvements to Killens Pond Waterpark
Information Technology Improvements in Permitting, Registration and Licensing
Minor Capital Improvements for Operations
Replacement of the Cape Henlopen Pier
Historic Sites: The Fort Miles Museum
Renovations to Baynard Stadium
Improvements to Holts Landing State Park
Brandywine Zoo
Renovations to the Biden Center
Redevelopment of Strategic Sites – NVF
The Delaware Bayshore Initiative

Supporting Delaware’s Economy and Quality of Life

By purifying air and water, mitigating flooding, and supporting diverse species, as well as providing recreational amenities, we generate millions of dollars in economic value. Outdoor recreation options, such as biking and walking trails, can help reduce health care costs as Delawareans adopt healthier lifestyles – and more than 60 percent of our residents now participate in outdoor recreation.

Tourists spend about $4.8 billion in Delaware each year. That’s $1.2 billion in salaries and wages and more than $500 million in taxes. Every $1 invested in our state parks returns more than $40 in beneficial economic impact.

Visitors come to Delaware to experience our pristine beaches, navigable waterways, rustic landscapes, world-class birding, hunting, fishing, biking, and hiking. Clean air and water and memorable recreational experiences are vital to attracting visitors and new companies, as well as retaining businesses and their top talent.

Thousands of Delaware jobs in businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, bait and tackle shops, recreational equipment stores, marinas, and boat dealerships, as well as commercial watermen and farmers, depend upon maintaining a healthy environment.

DNREC continues to invest in Delaware’s extraordinary natural environment and the thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity that depend on their stewardship. Delaware’s natural resources are a vital sector of our economy and an important part of our quality of life in Delaware.

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