Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Applications

Division of Water
Start Date: September 4, 2019
End Date: September 24, 2019

Subaqueous Lands Permit Application

Theresa Golomb (134-13.00-48.01) – To install a 85 linear foot long riprap revetment consisting of 26 cubic yards of rock for shoreline stabilization in a tributary to Assawoman Canal at 7 Riga Drive, Ocean View, Sussex County, DE

William Keith Marvel (2-33-6.00-132.00) – To repair by replace 115 linear feet of bulkhead by stepping out 18 inches channelward of the existing alignment in Pepper Creek at 30720 Shell Road, Dagsboro, Sussex County, DE

Curtis A. Smith and Elaine D. Smith (2-32-10.00-9.00) – To install a 260 foot long rip-rap sill consisting of approximately 21.67 cubic yards of rock and 14.5 cubic yards of fill material which will be planted with a mixture of native plant species to create a living shoreline in Broad Creek at 6407 Bailey’s Landing Drive, Bethel, Sussex County, DE

Delaware Department of Transportation (adjacent to 0801700018) – To replace an existing 6 foot wide, 22 foot long box culvert with a new 8 foot wide, 75 foot long box culvert, filling 886.04 sq. ft. of existing channel and creating 420.23 sq. ft. of new channel, to place 11 cubic yards of rip-rap for scour protection and regrade 342.22 sq. ft. of an unnamed tributary to Pike Creek on Little Baltimore Road in Hockessin, New Castle County, DE

Subaqueous Lands Permit and Water Quality Application

Delaware Department of Transportation (adjacent to 1805700006) – To reconstruct Elkton Road from the Maryland State Line to Casho Mill Road, adding one (1) additional northbound travel lane between Otts Chapel Road and SR 4 Christina Parkway, other work includes constructing two (2) pedestrian bridges spanning the width of the waterbodies, a new sidewalk, multi-use path facility, and stormwater and drainage improvements resulting in 0.0525 acres of temporary open water impacts, 0.1045 acres of permanent open water impacts and 0.0457 acres of open water creation within the Christina River, five (5) perennial tributaries and the West Branch of the Christina River in Newark, New Castle County, DE and to mitigate for impacts at the Glenville wetland mitigation site located south of SR4 in Stanton, New Castle County, DE

Division of Watershed Stewardship (Disposal Location 2-34-32.00-110.00) – To hydraulically maintenance dredge approximately 40,000 cubic yards of material to maintain a 11,840 foot long by 60 foot wide channel to a depth of 4 feet below mean low water in the federal navigation channel between markers 53 and 54 in the Indian River, Sussex County, DE.  To dispose of the dredged material at a 5 acre confined disposal facility located north of the Indian River and north of Carlisle Drive, Millsboro, Sussex County, DE

Subaqueous Lands Lease Application

William Keith Marvel (2-33-6.00-132.00) – To remove an existing dock and pier and to construct a 4 by 78  foot long pier, a 6 by 24  foot long dock and to install one (1) boatlift with four (4) associated pilings in Pepper Creek at 30720 Shell Road, Dagsboro, Sussex County, DE

Curtis A. Smith and Elaine D. Smith (2-32-10.00-9.00) – To construct a 4 by 30 foot long pier, a 5 by 20 foot long dock and to install a 5 by 14 foot long kayak launch in Broad Creek at 6407 Bailey’s Landing Drive, Bethel, Sussex County, DE  

James LeBrun (Tax Parcel ID: 5-33-12.00-82.00) – To maintain a 5 by 67 foot long pier, a 12 by 12 foot long dock, and a 10 by 16 foot long floating boat dock in Dirickson Creek at 36914 Wood Duck Way in Selbyville, Sussex County, DE 

Subaqueous Lands Lease Renewal Application

Gordon Wood (1-34-12.00-2008.00) – To maintain a 4 by 8 foot long gangway, a 5 by 40 foot long floating dock, and 2 free standing pilings in White’s Creek at 58 Daisey Avenue, Ocean View, Sussex County, DE

These Documents/Applications above are available for review by contacting:

Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901

If you have any comments, please return this memo to this office by September 24, 2019.

A public hearing on the above applications will NOT be held unless the Secretary of DNREC determines that a public hearing is in the public interest or if a written meritorious objection to the application is received within 20 days from this notice.  Please indicate in your letter whether your intention is to request a public hearing or whether you are simply providing comments for the Department’s consideration. If a public hearing is desired, please be advised that a public hearing request shall be deemed meritorious if it exhibits familiarity with the application and provides a reasoned statement of the action’s probable impact.

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