Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Permits

Division of Water
Start Date: 5/26/2019
End Date: 6/18/2019

Subaqueous Lands Permit Applications

Puritz Beach Properties (3-34-14.05-18.00) – To install a 4 by 10 foot long pier, a 3 by 15 foot long gangway, a 5 by 6 foot long floating pier, a 6 by 20 foot long floating dock, and a 6 by 12 foot long floating kayak dock in North Shores Yacht Basin at 27 Harbor Road, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, DE

Jonathan Russell (1-34-9.00-1064.00) – To install a PWC lift with one associated piling in a canal adjacent to Beach Cove at 411 East Bank Road, Bethany Beach, Sussex County, DE

Jonathan & Kathryn Zeleznick (1-34-9.00-166.00) – To remove an existing dock and construct a 4 by 50 foot long dock and to repair by replace 93 linear feet of bulkhead in an unnamed lagoon at 31248 Wango Lane, Holly Ridge, Ocean View, Sussex County, DE

Christine Kara Canale (3-34-1.00-91.00) – To construct a 4 by 8 foot long pier, a 5 by 18 foot long dock and a 10 by 14 foot long boat ramp consisting of approximately 1.48 cubic yards of stone in Red Mill Pond at 31394 Point Circle, Lewes, Sussex County, DE

Warren Walls Trustee (3-3411.00-7.01) – To install riprap protection for a 60 inch stormwater outfall discharge from Kindleton community into the Waters of Goslee Mill Pond at 18754 Robinsonville Road Lewes, Sussex County, DE

Kevin and Mary Keperling (133-19.00-97.00) – To construct a 40 inch wide by 15 foot long floating pier, a 5 by 15 foot long floating dock, a 5 by 14 foot long floating dock and a 5 by 14 foot long kayak launch in Shoals Branch located at 22925 Lakeview Drive, Millsboro, Sussex County, DE

Kay and Herb Cottage, LLC (3-34-20.06-81.00) – To construct a 6 by 40 foot long pier and a 6 by 22 foot long dock in Silver Lake at 1011 King Charles Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, DE

Subaqueous Lands Lease Applications

Ronald and Jeanette Hoffman (3-34-19.00-59.00) – To repair and renew a lease for a 6 by 55 foot long pier, a 6 by 42 foot long dock, and two boat lifts each with 4 associated pilings in the Rehoboth Bay at 7 White Oak Road, Rehoboth Yacht and Country Club, Sussex County, DE

Todd Kramer (2-34-17.00-47.00) – To install a 15 inch by 25 foot long finger pier, a boat lift with 4 associated pilings, and two 5 by 10 foot long floating PWC docks adjacent to an existing structure in Hopkins Prong at 24121 Cari Drive, Millsboro, Sussex County, DE

Jeffrey Wells (2-35-14.00-132.01) – To construct a 4 by 24 foot long pier, a 4 by 15 foot long gangway, a 6 by 6 foot long floating pier, a 6 by 25 foot floating dock, and to install 470 linear feet of stone rip-rap in a manmade lagoon and within the Broadkill River at 800 Atlantic Avenue in Milton, Sussex County, DE.

Subaqueous Lands Lease and Wetlands Permit

K. Hovanian’s Four Seasons at Belle Terre, LLC. (3-34-12.00-17.00) – To construct a 3 by 35 foot long wetland walkway and a 6 by 20 foot long kayak dock in Hetty Fisher Glade, Four Seasons at Belle Terre, Lewes, Sussex County, DE

Subaqueous Lands Lease, Permit, Water Quality and Marina Application

Lighthouse Cove Investors, LLC (134-23.00-3.02) – To construct and operate a new 22 slip minor marina by installing two (2) 6 foot wide by 24 foot long piers, five (5) boat lifts with 4 associated pilings each, two (2) 6 foot wide by 14 foot long PWC floats, two (2) 5 foot wide by 12.5 foot long PWC floats; to repair 700 linear feet of existing bulkhead by stepping out 18 inches, a portion of which would occupy 300 square feet of public subaqueous lands and to mechanically maintenance dredge 225± cubic yards to a depth of -3.5 feet MLW in portions of public subaqueous lands and two unnamed lagoons southeast of Lighthouse Cove, located adjacent to Lighthouse Cove Lane and to dispose of the dredged material via sealed dump trucks to a 22 foot wide by 110 foot long supersilt fenced enclosed area located east of Lighthouse Cove Lane at 38.452209, -75.057211, Fenwick Island, Sussex County, DE

These Documents/Applications are available for review by contacting:

Gayle Calder
Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 739-9943
Fax (302) 739-6304

If you have any comments, please return this memo to this office by June 18, 2019.

A public hearing on the above applications will NOT be held unless the Secretary of DNREC determines that a public hearing is in the public interest or if a written meritorious objection to the application is received within 20 days from this notice. Please indicate in your letter whether your intention is to request a public hearing or whether you are simply providing comments for the Department’s consideration. If a public hearing is desired, please be advised that a public hearing request shall be deemed meritorious if it exhibits familiarity with the application and provides a reasoned statement of the action’s probable impact.

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